Running a Caravan Park – Park Operations

Policy and Procedure:

  • Caravan and holiday park operations policies.
  • Caravan and holiday park maintenance policies and schedules
  • Financial procedures for caravan and holiday parks.
  • Environmental policies for caravan and holiday parks.
  • OH&S policies.
  • Audit of park procedures.
running a caravan park successfully using standard operation procedures

Innoviv is able to review your current caravan park operations as well as existing policy and procedure documentation.  We’ll identify any gaps in your current standard operating procedures and advise you on how to fix them.

Running a caravan park requires you to wear many hats. Having procedures in place helps to structure and streamline operations, making life simpler. It’s tough to keep up with changes in legislation, standards and regulations and you can have peace of mind with an expert on board to advise you on the tricky areas.

We’ve been park operators ourselves in addition to enjoying a long-standing involvement in the industry.  We’re able to assist you with policy development and implementation of best practice systems and processes to get the most out of your park.  This ensures the highest levels of compliance and long-term park sustainability, essential components of a profitable park.