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What states does Innoviv consult in?

Innoviv Park Services whilst based in South Australia consults to park owners and operators all over Australia and is happy to travel to and undertake work in any state across Australia.

What knowledge and experience does Innoviv offer?

Andrew Chapman, Innoviv’s principal, has over 30 years’ experience in management and operations in tourism, hospitality and accommodations. His commitment to creating fun, safe and sustainable holiday parks is evident in his tireless behind-the-scenes work in hotels, motels, caravan parks and resorts across the country. Andrew owns and operates multiple successful tourism properties and is driven by the desire to see other owners and operators enjoy all of the joys and benefits that well-designed, well-managed facilities can bring.

Why Innoviv over its competitors?

Innoviv not only consults in parks, but its Principal, Andrew Chapman also owns a number of parks, as such, you are getting proven, hands-on experience from an owner who has “been there and done that”.

Can Innoviv help me with the design of my caravan park and/or its facilities?

Yes! From concept, to construction, to a complete park master plan, Innoviv has the knowledge and resources to meet any creative challenge. Whether it be a pool, some new accommodations, a camp kitchen, a waterpark, or a full-park facelift, Innoviv and its design partners can provide detailed plans and documentation. We can even take care of project management and delivery!

Does Innoviv Park Services manage or operate parks?

Innoviv Park Services primarily consults in everything relating to Caravan and Tourist Parks, however, they also manage/partner with a select number of park owners to manage their parks.  Innoviv Principal, Andrew Chapman is a shareholder/owner of a number of parks also, and these too are managed by Innoviv. Management is ideal for those owners who want to hand over the full operation of their park and undertake a more passive role in a true partnership type arrangement.

Does Innoviv oversee works programs?

Yes! Along with our partners, Innoviv is perfectly placed to not only deliver the designs and documentation for works programs, but to plan and coordinate them, too!

Can Innoviv help me with the financial side of caravan park management?

Absolutely! We at Innoviv are passionate advocates for streamlined and sustainable financial wellness. We can help you take care of the numbers by preparing detailed and customised income and expense modelling, as well as industry benchmarking and performance analyses.

Does Innoviv conduct caravan park audits?

Yes, we do! Innoviv will happily perform a full-service ‘health check’ on a park’s operations and provide detailed, actionable reports and/or plans to maximise the park’s potential. With our unmatched industry experience, we know exactly what to look for and how to best manage a park’s strengths and weaknesses.

Is Innoviv able to help me sell my caravan park?

Yes, we are! Innoviv can provide trusted expert advice on the potential value of your park, and guide you towards getting the best possible price. Working closely with a number of respected brokers, Innoviv creates sales opportunities for park owners that are as positive as they are profitable.

I have more questions. How can I contact Innoviv?

We’d love to hear from you! For more detailed or personalised information, or to simply chat, please call or text Andrew on 0417 877 175 or email