Caravan Park Design Consultants

Looking for a team with years of experience in caravan park design, layout, development, and master plans?

You’ve come to the right place. We’ve helped design hundreds of holiday parks and park facilities all around Australia.

Our caravan park designs include:

  • Caravan Park Layout
  • Cabins, Lodgings & Studios
  • Camp Kitchens
  • Amenities & Ensuites
  • Reception Buildings
  • Managers Residences
  • Entrance Statements & Signage,
  • Swimming Pools, Waterparks/Splash Pads
  • Recreation Rooms and Facilities

When designing a Caravan Park it’s essential to understand your target market and to plan and develop the park according to the key demographic the park seeks to attract. The plan must consider a wide range of specifics to ensure the caravan park’s overall success.

Our range of services:

  • Caravan and holiday park planning & design management
  • Redevelopment plans & strategies
  • Extensions to existing parks, cabins, amenities, communal facilities, pools, water play & recreation areas.

Caravan and holiday park planning & design management

There’s many considerations that need to be factored in when designing a caravan park. Location, planning requirements, visitor demographics, topography, competitors and local regulations all play a role. Additionally trends are factoring into design such as more larger recreational vehicles on the road requiring drive-through sites and families touring with extra vehicles, boats and trailers.

Redevelopment plans & strategies

Every project we undertake is approached uniquely and tailored to meet the client’s specific needs. Extensive industry experience makes us the perfect partner to assist with your redevelopment plans and projects. And we’ll help stand you out from the competition. From feasibility, approvals and obtaining quotations to preparing contracts, construction, project management and fitout – you can relax knowing we’ve got it all covered for you.

Extensions to existing parks, cabins, amenities, communal facilities, pools, water play & recreation areas.

Careful planning is required to ensure that capital expenditure is focused on meeting guest expectationsnwith an emphasis on appropriate financial returns for park owners. Extensions and improvements must include the use of capital to improve the efficiency of the product so that operational costs are minimised wherever possible. Our team is actively involved with the operation of a number of Australia’s best parks, this means we are well placed to provide you with up-to-the-minute advice on the current trends, innovations and design features that should be considered when extending or upgrading facilities. What’s more we’ll ensure the most up-to-date design solutions are implemented to set your caravan park apart from the rest.

We can help to grow turnover and profits while assisting to build your park’s image with new and innovative facilities and improved levels of guest feedback as a result of best practice design solutions. Caravan parks are ever-evolving, and the expectations of park users is increasing. Let us assist you with you facilities and park designs to ensure your park meets the expectations of today’s customer.

We work with a large network of consultants to ensure that every aspect of the design and master-planning process is covered by relevant professionals. We also have a large number of trusted suppliers who we can recommend for various aspects of the development should you wish. Our extensive, industry based experiences make us perfectly suited to assist you with your caravan and tourist park park master-planning, development and design.

Our Process

Site Inspection

  • Attend site and Inspect current infrastructure for condition and value
  • Get a “feel” for the area, park and surrounding development
  • Identify impacts such as noise, pollution, traffic, surrounding businesses/land use
  • Photograph site


  • Consider constraints and opportunities
  • Identify target market to ensure design caters to market
  • Identify impacts of legislation and planning instruments (Works requiring DA/No DA)
  • Identify Council’s planning and policy constraints and opportunities
  • Research current trends and statistics that may affect park/site layout

Stakeholder Consultation

  • Discuss vision with owners (when onsite for initial inspection ideal).
  • Clarify the market that park is to target

Design Guide

  • Collate all data, compile, and develop a design guide document from the site inspection and research
  • Consult and rationalize with site owners
  • Design to take in all constraints- e.g. the uncertainty around ongoing tenure over the site (relocatable where possible)

Concept Plans

  • Design to take into account all the issues researched and to accord with design guide
  • Develop conceptual layouts identifying precincts, required services, traffic flows , accommodation and recreation types
  • Identify solutions to impacts such as noise etc. where applicable and to overcome lease constraints (possible short tenure)
  • Prepare concept plans (Survey will need to be available for accurate plans, high level concepts can be prepared overlaying on google earth in the first instance. These won’t be 100% to scale, but will suffice  initially)
  • Prepare supporting report to outline reasoning behind design choices

Concept Plan Consultation

  • Consult with client and adjust concept to accord with consensus
  • Integrate into concepts, the issues and points raised

Financial Modelling

  • Prepare Income and Expenditure model for park based on proposed masterplan using industry benchmarks
  • Cost and stage proposed masterplan over predetermined period
  • Provide summary of projected returns on investment based on implementation of masterplan

Our designs consider the location, amenity and customer base of your park. Designs are environmentally friendly wherever possible and include detailed design and specifications.

Please take the time to visit our clients/projects page to view images of outstanding facilities and accommodation that we have designed and delivered for some of Australia’s leading caravan and holiday parks.

And get in touch for a no-obligation preliminary discussion if you would like to find out more about caravan park design or development.

Case Study –  Levi Adelaide Holiday Park

Levi Adelaide – a boutique tourism offering in Walkerville, inner-suburban Adelaide, 5km from city centre. We designed an updated range of accommodation options, a new pool area and communal recreation building